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The Influence of urban morphology. JUD. 2013


In the aftermath of the chaos and destruction that follows an earthquake, a city’s urban structure provides important sites for the continuing activities of the city and the start of the recovery process. Urban morphology thus plays a fundamental role in the resilience of the whole urban system. But can it make a city more resilient? Do we even know how to design for resilience? This research proposes to examine the relationship between the spatial configuration of cities and behaviour leading to recovery after an earthquake. It is part of a long-term research project which looks at the spatial conditions of a number of Pacific Rim earthquake-prone cities in the early stages of recovery…

Allan, P., Bryant, M., Wirsching,C., Garcia, D., Rodruigez, T. 2013. The Influence of Urban Morphology on the Resilience of Cities following an Earthquake. Journal of Urban Design, 18 (2), pp 242-262. ISSN 1357-4809.

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