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Resilience as a Framework… JoLA. 2011


Allan, P. and Bryant, M., 2011. Resilience as a Framework for Urbanism and Recovery.  Journal of Landscape Architecture.

The disciplines of recovery planning and urban design appear to be strangely disconnected. Although there are some documented responses to earthquakes which suggest that ample and adaptable amounts of open space surrounding buildings are of enormous value both during and after an earthquake event (Godschalk 2003), most earthquake related research focuses on the stability of engineered structures, social issues (Mileti 1999), or the re-establishment of engineered lifelines (Moehle 2009). Anything related to the urban environment as a place for response and recovery is either quantitative and extremely specific or too general to be of much use (Wang n.d., Geis 2000). For example, recent research suggests how much open space is required for egress or refuge, but there is very little discussion about the particular qualities or arrangement of urban open space that might encourage adaptation by communities and governments to facilitate recovery…read more>>

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