Penny Allan landscape architect/practicing

MOVED to design. 2007


in collaboration with Rhys Williams

This project, resulting in the publication of student-led research, extends a futuristic but well grounded outlook to the challenge of sea-level rise on some coastal communities of Melbourne and Wellington. Through representing well researched case studies, it successfully manages to undertake highly crucial and complex engagements between climate change and resulting “sea-level rise”, and a range of site specific design responses.  Each response demonstrated a clear understanding of the problem, with interdisciplinary support and scientific data enabling the designers to investigate more thoroughly the technical and pragmatic aspects of their responses.

The book “Moved to Design” is a collection of these responses.  It evidences the importance of establishing a clear and deep seated linkage between science and design.  The design solutions form their own creative and innovative language providing an effective response to socio-ecological debates of international importance. The designs identify that the sea level rises might result in shifting the future focus of landscape design and planning. It is an international rarity that projects arising from design schools have direct relevance to current professional practice. The book illustrates a range of design responses that provide unparalleled opportunity to open informed discussion on the important issue of sea level rise. The project may be considered a blueprint in identifying and restructuring landscape architecture’s commitment to natural and cultural landscapes over the coming decades. The involvement of landscape architects could substantially change the nature and variables of design propositions through approaches which would examine and manage a consistent and responsive dialectic with the different effects of climate change. It advances the recognition of landscape architecture as a socially and ecologically responsible profession. (AILA 2009 citation)

Allan, P. and Stutterheim, C., eds. 2007. MOVED to Design. Melbourne: RMIT University Press. ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-646-48271-2.2009 AILA Victoria Award for Research and Communication

read essay from the book: Constructing Resilience


2013  NZILA Award of Excellence in Planning and Research

2009  AILA Victoria Award for Research and Communication


Jamie Roberts (left image) Nick Jones (right image)




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