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Penny Allan CV

BLArch (hons), RMIT

Research Interests
Design teaching and practice, urban resilience, earthquake planning and recovery, bi-cultural design, intuition and design 

Research Platform
My work as a landscape architect has been directed towards establishing a clear and deep seated linkage between science and design. Until 2007 this concern was expressed in built work, the product of 15 years in a design practice. Much of this work deals the challenge of remediating degraded industrial sites in highly urbanized areas where the focus was to reinstate pre-existing local ecologies using a contemporary design language as a distinctive expression of constructed ecology. The published work cited here is influenced by that practice and represents my developing interest in the nature of urban resilience. Over the last 6 years I have been concerned with establishing the role of spatial design as a key driver of urban resilience.  In particular I am interested in the potential for:
1) the transfer of conceptual models of resilience across disciplinary boundaries (resilience) in order to solve, through design, complex urban problems and
2) design to generate innovative research in this area.

Current Research Projects
1. PHD thesis: The Logic of Invention. The Role of Intuition in Design
2. At the Brink: The research is focused on the development of design tactics for dealing with systems in flux which are strategic, tactical, local, bottom up, adaptive/responsive and emergent. Key questions include:
• what are the spatial dimensions of resilience in the urban environment?
• how can we design to encourage adaptation?
• how do we deal as designers with flux or rapid change?
• how can form be responsive?
• what design tactics are most usefully employed?

2013   Charlie Challenger Supreme Award in Planning and Research for Earthquake  Cities of the Pacific Rim
2013  NZILA Award for Excellence in Planning and Research for Earthquake Cities of the Pacific Rim
2013  NZILA Award of Excellence in Planning and Research for Moved to Design
2012   National Trust Heritage Award for Sustainability: Coal Loader, Sydney
2012   National Trust Heritage Award for Adaptive Re-Use: Coal Loader, Sydney
2012   National Trust Heritage Award for Sustainability
2012   National Trust Heritage Award for Adaptive Re-Use
2010   CCA Award for Sustainability, Australia
2009   AILA Victoria Award for Research and Communication
2008   AILA NSW Award for Design in Landscape Architecture
2008   NZILA Sustainability Award of Excellence
2008   NZILA Gold Award
2007   NZIA Supreme Award for Urban Design
2007   NZIA Urban Design Gold Award
2004   AILA National Awards. Commendation, Environment in Landscape Architecture
2004   AILA National Award. Merit, Design in Landscape Architecture
2004   Australian Award for Urban Design. Public Domain
2004   NSW Premiers Award
2004   Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (NSW) Award for Master Planning
2003   FLA Eastern Region Award for Excellence
2003   RAIA (NSW) ‘Lloyd Rees Award’ for Civic Design
2003   RAIA (NSW) Award ‘Environmental Design’ Category
2003   PIA Australia Award for Public Domain
2003   CCAA Public Domain Awards. Commendation, Precincts
2002   Green Square Design Award for Innovation
2002   Francis Greenway, Green Buildings Award, Gold Medal
2002   SIA National Award for Excellence in Water Sensitive Urban Design
2001   RAPI (NSW) Award for Excellence in Planning, Urban Design Plans and Ideas
2001   UDIA (NSW) Award for Excellence, Professional Consultancy Award

Professional Experience in Landscape Architecture
2007-current Professor, Program Director Landscape Architecture Program, School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington
2005-2007 Principal, HASSELL, Sydney
2002-2005 AILA National Vice President and Chair of Education Committee
2001-2003  AILA NSW State President
1998-2005 Director of Landscape Architecture, Government Architects Office, NSW, Australia

Design Practice: Master Plans/Concept Plans 2001-2011
Otari-Wilton Bush Landscape Development Plan, Wellington NZ
Coal Loader, Waverton: North Sydney Council, Sydney
Edmondson Regional Park: Sydney: DEC/Landcom
Magenta Shores, Central Coast: Mirvac, NSW.
Macquarie University Central Courtyard: Sydney
Redfern Street Public Domain Concept Plan: City of Sydney
Harrington Grove, South West Sydney: Harpak
Oran Park, South West Sydney: Landcom
Waitangi Waterfront Park: Wellington City Council, New Zealand
Victoria Park, Zetland: Landcom, Sydney
DMR Maitland: Department of Mineral Resources
Department of Education and Training, Site Feasibility, PFI program
Bloomfield Hospital, Orange: Western Area Health Service, (2004)
Cockatoo Island CMP: Harbour Federation Trust, (2004)
Abbotsbury Park, Western Sydney: RTA
Department of Education and Training, Site Feasibility, Capital Works Program
Windsor Town Centre Master Plan
Taronga Zoo, Public Domain Master plan: Taronga Zoo, Sydney
West Circular Quay Master Plan: Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
Australian Museum Public Domain Master Plan, Sydney
Parramatta Park Master Plan: National Parks and Wildlife Service
St Marys Cathedral, Sydney.
Wellington Waterfront Master Plan: Wellington, NZ.

Design Practice: Design Guidelines 2001-2011
Sydney Streets: A Design Code, a Streetscape Manual: City of Sydney
Camden Public Domain Elements Manual: Camden Council, Sydney
Residential House Guidelines: UDAC, Sydney
Gosford City Centre Public Domain Guidelines and DCP: Gosford City Council
Newcastle Civic Centre Public Domain Guidelines: Newcastle City Council
Sydney Harbour ESD guidelines (with Environmental Partnerships):  Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources, Sydney
Landscape Guidelines for Secondary and Primary Schools:  Department of Education and Training

Peer-reviewed journal articles
Allan, P., Bryant, M., The attributes of resilience: a tool in the evaluation and design of earthquake-prone cities. International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment.  (In press, for publication 2014)
Allan, P., Smith, H. 2014. Research at the Interface: Bi- cultural studio in New Zealand, a Case Study. MAI Journal: A New Zealand Journal of Indigenous Scholarship 2 (2). ISSN: 2230-6862 [online]. Available at
Allan, P., Bryant, M., Wirsching,C., Garcia, D., Rodruigez, T. 2013. The Influence of Urban Morphology on the Resilience of Cities following an Earthquake. Journal of Urban Design, 18 (2), pp 242-262. ISSN 1357-4809
Cowan, H., Beattie, G., Hill, K., Evans, N., McGhie, C., Gibson, G., Lawrance, G., Hamilton, J. Allan, P., Bryant, M., Davis, M., Hyland, C., Oyarzo-vera, C. Quintana-Gallo, P., Smith, P.  2011. The M8.8 Chile Earthquake, 27 February 2010, Bulletin of the New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering, 44 (3).
Allan, P. and Bryant, M., 2011. Resilience as a Framework for Urbanism and Recovery.  Journal of Landscape Architecture.
Bryant M. and Allan P., 2011. The Landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand. Paisea Dos, 5, pp. 18-21. ISSN: 1889-4992
Allan, P. and Roberts, J. 2010. Constructing Resilience: The Wellington Studio. Landscape Review 13 (1), pp18-30. ISSN: 1173-3853
Allan P. and Bryant M. 2010. The Critical Role of Open Space in Earthquake Recovery: A Case Study. 2010 NZSEE Conference, Wellington. Available online
Allan P. and Roberts J., 2009. Urban Resilience and the Open Space Network. Tephra, 22, July, pp. 55-59. ISSN: 0112-1359. Publishers – Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management.

Peer reviewed books, book chapters, books edited
Bryant, M. & Allan, P. Open Space Innovation in Earthquake Affected Cities. 2013. In  ed. J. Tiefenbacher. Approaches to Disaster Management – Examining the Implications of Hazards, Emergencies and Disasters. Intech pp 183-204. ISBN 978-953-51-1093-4. [online]. Available at
Bryant, M. and Allan, P. 2012. Tapestries and Traditions. In: E. Cook and J. Lara eds. 2011 Remodelling Cities. New York, N.Y: Routledge.
Allan P. and Wraight M, 2008. Landscape Architects. In: J. Bernhardt ed. 2008. A Deeper Shade of Green. Auckland, New Zealand: Balasoglou Books, pp. 141-141. ISBN: 978-0-9582878-3-8.
Allan P. and Wraight M, 2008. Landscape Planning and Design. In: J. Bernhardt ed. 2008. A Deeper Shade of Green. Auckland, New Zealand: Balasoglou Books, pp. 131-132. ISBN: 978-0-9582878-3-8.
Allan, P. and Stutterheim, C., eds. 2007. MOVED to Design. Melbourne: RMIT University Press. ISBN/ISSN: 978-0-646-48271-2.
Allan, P. 2007. Constructing Resilience: The Wellington Studio. In: P. Allan and C. Stutterheim ed. 2007. Moved to Design. Melbourne, Australia: RMIT University Press, 2007, pp. 60-68. ISBN: 978-0-646-48271-2.


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